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Search Enginge Optimisation (SEO)

We’ll drive profitable traffic through your digital doors, establishing authority and nurturing trust as we go.

Time to ascend the throne that is Google and the like. With award-winning SEO smarts. 

Outreach to real audiences through powerful influencers

We know just how to nail our pitch and bag that illustrious guest post. And we don’t muck about with anything less than real blogs with audiences that are primed for your message (this organic traffic can be every bit as profitable as a boosted Google position).

Content is king. Always has been, always will be

Three wise men and a few wonderful women form the team behind this screen. Together we create content that doesn’t just pay lip service to those critical key words. Our content is clever, a joy to read and, the most important bit of all, made for driving ready-to-learn-more leads to your website.

All guns blazing SEO. From £400 a month.

Let’s get to work on driving qualified traffic direct to your digital door. Our SEO management begins from just £400 a month. Now we can’t say fairer than that.


Climb Google

Leapfrog the competition – position by position, with a strategy that’s in it for the long-haul.


Lead the locals to call or visit

Our local SEO strategies bake in business listings, citations and customer reviews – all critical for targeting searchers who are in your area.


We get to understand your searchers

We invest time and energy into understanding exactly what terms and words your target market are using and (most importantly) what stage they’re at in their buying stage when they’re using them.


Clear reporting, EVERYTHING you need to know (nothing you don’t)

Our reports present the real-world results our service is delivering. No tech talk. No pointless metrics that mean ZERO to your bottom-line.


SEO that makes your brand a part of the deal

Your brand image, voice, values are the things that make you, you. Why would we overlook them when it comes to such an important part of your marketing?


Build Brand Awareness

Take control of your online perception and exceed your competitors.

SEO? Talk about benefits…

  • Long-term strategy for results that endure
  • Get your message in front of people who are proactively searching out your product or service
  • Make those searchers brand-aware – with every result they see, recognition grows, leading to you being seen as the industry expert you are
  • Establish trust – 94% of searchers click on organic results, not PPC ads

Our SEO (a compelling proposition, if we do say so ourselves)

  • Competitor analysis that digs into what your competitors are up to
  • No hold’s barred user search behaviour research
  • A full and thorough assessment of your current analytics and tracking set-up
  • Copywriter-created content and pro marketing, blog management and PR
  • Monthly reporting that tells you exactly what we’re achieving for your business
  • On-page SEO work – updates and optimisations – handled quickly

SEO is a sustainable approach to generating relevant, quality traffic. With regular blog posts our business has seen a massive increase in leads and traffic since Kings Digital started their work. Highly recommend using these guys.

Alex Gardner

Founder, Lavando Dry Cleaning